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Magnesium Orotate 430 Mg -120No.s Veggie Capsules

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Magnesium Orotate 430 Mg -120No.s Veggie Capsules

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  • Health Supplement
  • Promotes Cardiac Health , mitigates Diabetes, helps in migraine and cramps
  • Each capsule contains Magnesium Orotate – 430 mg
  • 120 x  430 mg capsules
  • Suggested Dosage: Two capsules after breakfast and Two capsules before sleep
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Suggested dose:  Two capsules  once a day or more as required.

High absorbance: TEC-LIFE® magnesium orotate is easily absorbed into the cells. Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, improves HDL. Controls the HMG CoA Reductase enzyme that generates cholesterol (statin action without the bad side effects of statins). Regulates  heart beat rates, controls atrial and ventricular tachycardia thus enhances cardiac functions. Improves insulin sensitivity , opens up the cell gates for blood glucose and thus mitigates diabetes. Controls migraine and menstrual cramps by dissolving the blood clots. Kidney stones are prevented by regularly taking TEC-LIFE® Magnesium.

Storage: Keep in a  dry place under roof at normal room temperature.

Important: Keep away from children


TEC-LIFE® Magnesium Orotate the magic compound which does a world of good for our health. But essentially, TEC-LIFE® Magnesium Orotate is recommended for the following:

  1. Control and reduction of blood cholesterol
  2. Control of cardiac arrhythmia and palpitation
  3. Attenuation of diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity
  4. Control and prevention of menstrual cramps
  5. Control and prevention of migraine
  6. Prevention of kidney stones

TEC-LIFE® Magnesium Orotate is not a laxative like other magnesium compounds


The orotate couples with ribose in the walls of  blood vessels and releases magnesium. Magnesium activates the cholesterol metabolizing enzymes thus preventing cholesterol accumulation.TEC-LIFE® Magnesium inhibits the activity of HMG-CoA reductase enzyme which synthesizes cholesterol. This inhibition is the same as that of statins, but without the bad side effects of statins.

TEC-LIFE® Magnesium is a safe and effective substitute for statin drugs. TEC-LIFE® Magnesium can perform other lipid altering functions that are not even shared by statin drugs. TEC-LIFE® Magnesium is necessary for the activity of an enzyme that lowers LDL ,the bad cholesterol. It can also lower triglycerides and elevate HDL, the good cholesterol


The heart,s pecifically the left ventricle has the highest amount of magnesium in the body.Any deficiency there triggers cardiac palpitation and arrythmia. Statin drugs have fluoride in them that cause havoc by making magnesium unavailable to body . Generally, for such conditions drugs such as amiodarone are prescribed besides blood anticoagulants such as warfarin or Dabragate are administered. These drugs have serious side effects. Surgical procedures such as  cardiac ablations are done , still with questionable ‘permanent’ relief.. TEC-LIFE® Magnesium can give lasting relief from such arrhythmias without side effects. Normal life can be restored.

TEC-LIFE® Magnesium neutralizes the catecholamine and miraculously prevents heart attacks. TEC-LIFE® Magnesium is responsible for maintaining normal balance of sodium, potassium and calcium concentrations for normal heartbeat.

TEC-LIFE® Magnesium is also effective in ventricular arrhythmias(besides atrial), congestive heart failure when heart is weak and unable to empty after each beat.

TEC-LIFE® is effective in cardiac health before and after cardiac surgery, including cardiac bypass grafting. TEC-LIFE® Magnesium helps prevent blood clots by preventing excessive calcium from triggering them. Atherosclerosis is prevented by this action of TEC-LIFE® Magnesium


TEC-LIFE® Magnesium enhances insulin secretion by stimulation of the beta cells of pancreas, facilitates carbohydrate metabolism and helps insulin to transfer glucose into the cells thus reducing the glucose in blood. Tyrosine kinase is the enzyme that is used in the glucose transport into the cells. TEC-LIFE® Magnesium activates this enzyme. TEC-LIFE® Magnesium can activate seven out of the ten enzymes that are needed to metabolize glucose. Many a time diabetic patients are prescribed to take statins, because diabetes and elevated cholesterol are associated. This may not be a good idea. Statins further deplete the magnesium. What is needed is taking of TEC-LIFE® Magnesium which will help control diabetes besides lowering cholesterol


Premenstrual syndrome includes signs of anxiety, fluid retention, chocolate craving, mood swings, irritability, bloating, edema, headache, sore breasts and leg cramps. Taking TEC-LIFE® Magnesium can be a solution for this PMS.  Vitamin B6 can be taken along with TEC-LIFE® Magnesium for good effects. Serum and cellular magnesium drop significantly during the premenstrual week. Chocolate cravings of women during this period is because chocolates have magnesium. But they also come with sugar and fat which are bad. Anti-depressive drugs can be safely avoided.

Estrogen and progesterone ,the female sex hormones, influence magnesium levels in the body. That is why TEC-LIFE® Magnesium makes targeted presence because of the excellent cell membrane entry and help mitigate the cerebral vessel spasms and reduced cerebral blood flow – thus helping to avoid PMS , migraine and possible stroke risk.



TEC-LIFE® Magnesium controls platelet aggregation, thus helping to avoid the thickened blood and tiny clots that can cause blood vessel spasms and the pain of migraine. TEC-LIFE® Magnesium relaxes the head and neck muscle tension that makes migraine worse. Vitamin B2 can be taken along with TEC-LIFE® Magnesium for synergistic effect. When magnesium level in brain low as in premenstrual period, it is unable to do its job to counteract the clotting action of calcium in the blood. Tiny blood clots can clog up the tiny brain blood vessels, leading to migraine. Further low brain magnesium promotes neurotransmitter hyperactivity and nerve excitation that can lead to headaches. Other conditions that trigger migraine due to low magnesium include pregnancy, alcohol- intake, use of diuretic drugs, stress etc. TEC-LIFE® Magnesium alleviates this migraine. It relaxes muscles and relaxes and dilates blood vessels reducing spasms . TEC-LIFE® Magnesium prevents build-up of lactic acid, which, along with muscle tension, can worsen migraines



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