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Calcium Orotate 120 capsules

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Calcium Orotate 120 capsules



  • Health Supplement
  • Promotes Bone Health and helps during pregnancy and nursing
  • Each capsule contains Calcium Orotate – 370 mg and Magnesium Orotate – 60 mg
  • 120  x  430 mg Calcium Orotate capsules
  • Suggested Dosage: Two capsules after breakfast
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High absorbance: TEC-LIFE® Calcium Orotate has a unique combination of very effective ingredients. TEC-LIFE® calcium orotate is easily absorbed into the cells. Its absorption is much higher than the calcium carbonate available in milk and most supplements available in the market. TEC-LIFE® Calcium Orotate  diffuses into and is transported through the cell membranes almost entirely. It compensates the calcium depletion from the bones thus protecting humans from osteoporosis. TEC-LIFE® Calcium Orotate compensates for the calcium taken up by the foetus during pregnancy and given out to baby by nursing.  Magnesium content of TEC-LIFE® Calcium Orotate helps in the calibrating the calcium released so that a delicate balance is maintained and  deposition of any excess calcium is prevented. Magnesium content of TEC-LIFE® Calcium Orotate helps the body to produce necessary Vitamin D.
Storage: Keep in a  dry place under roof at normal room temperature

Important: Keep away from children

Calcium Orotate

Calcium required to be taken in by us to compensate for the loss by daily excretion. Otherwise calcium from bone is taken by the cells and the bone bank gets depleted and porous. A good amount of the requirement comes from our food. In many cases calcium supplements are prescribed – such as inadequate calcium absorption from food ( like due to calcitriol deficiency etc.), additional requirements in pregnancy and breast feeding and in cases of osteoporosis.

Most of the calcium supplements in the market contain calcium carbonate. This calcium carbonate is the least absorbable form of calcium. It is equal to chalk sticks used on black-boards. TEC-LIFE® Calcium Orotate is absorbed almost entirely into the body due to the mechanism described below.

 TEC-LIFE Calcium is the best form of calcium supplement there is.

Being bound with orotic acid in a unique manner, it is an electrically neutral salt. This charge neutrality helps TEC-LIFE® Calcium to be more lipophilic( fat-loving) and diffuse more easily through the lipid membranes of the cell. Also, Uracil transporter protein binds to this TEC-LIFE® Calcium and drags it in the cell. Thus TEC-LIFE® Calcium enters the cell by both diffusion and transport. Of the two, the transport mechanism is more effective. After entering the cells the orotic portion undergoes Phosphate Pentose Pathway to generate RNA /  DNA and releases calcium for use by the cells.

Kidney Stones – Calcium Orotate

Occasionally, however, calcium buildup in soft tissues can cause medical problems or skew test results. For example, even if your blood calcium levels are normal, calcium deposits called calcifications may accumulate at the site of tissue damage. Women who develop these deposits or other calcium accumulations (kidney stones, for instance) may wonder whether they’ve been taking in too much of the mineral — in the form of supplements for bone health, among other things. This where TEC-LIFE® Calcium Orotate with its unique action prevents the calcium deposits and prevents occurrences of kidney stones etc., at the same time supplying the body with necessary calcium.

TEC-LIFE Calcium Orotate is recommended in the following conditions:


Osteoporosis is  encountered by post menopausal women. This is due to sudden decrease of estrogen. However, osteoporosis affects both males and females. TEC-LIFE® Calcium Orotate by its unique action stabilizes the bone density.

Vitamin D
Many supplements in the market have Vitamin D incorporated. Vitamin D dosage on a regular basis is of questionable safety. The body has a delicate balance of calcium and Vitamin D. It may be that high unabsorbed calcium in circulation leads to lowering of Vitamin D. If we take Vitamin D supplement to counter this, we could be going against nature and causing hypercalcemia and hypercalurea . TEC-LIFE Magnesium has a beautiful solution to this problem. The magnesium content in it stabilizes the calcium and thus helps the body produce vitamin D in the natural way.

Magnesium is an important mineral involved in over 300 different processes in the body, including the ability to make and use ATP, the body’s main form of energy.

Of those 300 roles, magnesium aids in a handful of activities related to vitamin D production and use. In particular, it seems to modulate the sensitivity of our tissues to vitamin D.

Not only does magnesium play an important role in proper Vitamin D activity and function, but crucially, it also helps to maintain calcium balance.

  1. Pregnancy:

If you are breastfeeding you do not need a significantly higher calcium intake to provide your baby with more calcium. Breastfeeding mothers need calcium to recover bone density lost during pregnancy. Your developing baby takes up calcium from you, therefore, whether you are breastfeeding or not, you need to rebuild your store of calcium. If your calcium needs can’t be met with food, supplementing with TEC-LIFE® Calcium Orotate is a good option.

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