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Third Eye Chemicals

About us

About Us

At ThirdEye Chemicals we have behind us more than four decades of hands-on experience in various facets of the chemical industry. Our tryst with nutraceutical ingredients is a decade old. We have great experience in pyrimidine chemistry which is essential for the human body. We manufacture nutraceuticals together with our associates and we deal with the consumers.

Our MissionĀ 

We produce nutraceuticals which are food and health supplements rather than pharmaceuticals. Our products are akin to those produced by the body itself. We merely help the human physiology and support it with nourishment at an affordable cost. This in effect helps people to avoid or reduce intake of medicines which in many cases have harmful side effects and cause iatrogenic ailments.

Our Vision

To reach every individual with our health supplements and enlarge and expand our portfolio with very much needed nutritional supplements at affordable cost